Saturday, May 19, 2012

When the coach gets coached!

Have you ever had the experience of getting a taste of your own medicine? Where everything you do is just turned back on you in a way that makes you understand the irony of life and have a good laugh at yourself?

Well, recently I’ve had the joy of experiencing exactly that! And it’s happening on a daily basis from my Kili training coach. Admittedly, I find exercise difficult (see previous blog) and I have to say – yes, hard to admit but true – that I’m a bit of a complainer when it comes to doing it. I’m using all the resources and support I can to get myself going and even in the sessions, you’ll find me bargaining over the number of hill sprints, push ups and the like. I’m the first to puff and pant away saying “stop – I can’t do this anymore”, only to hear my coaches saying back to me, “of course you can! Come on Daphna, what kind of talk is that coming from a coach?”

I’m the one saying “I can’t do it, isn’t there an easier way?” This is a slightly embarrassing admission for a person who has dedicated her life’s work to helping others achieve their own ambitious, challenging goals! I’m the one encouraging my clients to move beyond their comfort zone, take a deep look at themselves and go for what they want – even when it challenges them on an emotional, mental and physical level. The irony of the situation has gained me not a few chuckles from my partners in climb. “What would you say to a client who tells you they can’t do it Daphna?” in a mocking, sarcastic tone – wink wink, nudge nudge!

But together with that, I am pushing myself beyond my comfort zone (way beyond!) and I am thankful for the reassurance and support from my trainers and friends – of course you can, look how well you’re doing, look how much you improved – and at the same time we all chuckle at the tables being turned.

So, yes… I can admit that I’m battling with this exercise thing. I have Robyn coming to fetch me in the morning just in case I decide to pull out at the last minute and stay snuggled in my warm bed – I came very close on a few occasions. I have Tshepo, Lucky, Thabo and Sipho – amazing training team – encouraging and motivating me to take that extra hill, extra lunge or push up and all the while chuckling at how they need to use my own words back at me to get me going! And I have amazing friends in my fellow climbers who inspire me to keep going by knowing they are facing the same challenges and plunging ahead!

For now, the support, encouragement and inspiration is working. And the experience is making me that much more empathetic to my clients when they struggle through the things they need to overcome to push their boundaries and achieve more. I have the same struggles as anyone else and I can see that having someone believe in you, challenge you and encourage you is exactly what is needed to get the goal done!

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